Le Cercle was born from a meeting between Julien, President of Cognac Planat, 7th generation of cognac merchants & distillers, organic pioneer in the region, and Olivier, partner at Hedonist Spirits and expert in the bottle trade.

Over the years and creations, Julien and Olivier have had the desire to offer a selection of inspired spirits for the French market.

Thus Le Cercle was born.

Le Cercle is an independent spirits merchant; committed to offer subtle, singular, beautifully crafted liquors.


Driven by our portfolio of own brands,

Le Cercle has grown by bringing together partners motivated by this adventure.

Thus we welcome the Willett Distillery, an ancestral factory of Kentucky bourbons, recognized internationally; Biggar & Leith, a New York spirits house known for its creative brands that bring spirits up to date (Shanky’s Whip, Hotel Starlino, The Butterfly Cannon, The Gladstone Axe, Stambecco); but also young shoots like Eyland Spirits (Gin Ólafsson), Vodka Lab, Tostaky Bebidas (Herodes), Résidence Spirits or Le Pertuis Spirits.

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L’abus d’alcool est dangereux pour la santé, consommez avec modération.